I am a fan of the great Australian poet Henry Lawson so I wrote this poem in memory of him. I tried to use some of his titles in this poem. I also wanted to use some paraphrasing of his word from some of his poems.

“Battling On”

While walking with the human tide,
I saw a face, a bewildered face,
A pallid face that wore no pride
Walking slow and battling on

I thought I’d seen that face before
In a different time, with words of rhyme
that hold little meaning anymore
Back then he battled on

Do you think that I do not know
of how a man can love
with a pure heart above
True love’s a seed we sew
In love he battled on

He spoke of mateship, droughts and floods
Faces in the Street
the weary tramp of feet and
how we’d change it if he could
For us he battled on

The battle is o’er, he’s gone from the crowd
No more hills to climb
No more words of rhyme
of Henry Lawson, I am proud
No more need to battle on…