I wrote this many years ago. I was trying to capture names of famous musicians. I think it fits OK


“Music makes me remember”

While Vicious is dead Bobby sings to the poor
and Janis sings blues from behind the closed Doors
The electric rings out from Jimi, so high
and Bad Leroy Brown’s just a pie in the sky
and all the good music has just passed us by

The stairway goes up, John climbs it so slow
while Marc feels the need to Get It On with the show
Les Darcy fights on as Mohammed goes mad
yet the music plays on, always happy and sad
and who really cares if the music is bad?

The drums are so distant, I hear them so loud
as Buddy sing up standing out from the crowd
Now Satchmo sings jazzy blues once again
As Woody just rides on the Glory Bound Train
and Gene likes to sing while he’s walking in rain

With all of the songs and all of the words
and all of the meanings some strange, some absurd
and all of the people who sang out the tunes
they’ve all gone away to sing ’round the moon
when it’s all said and done; Life’s just a balloon

The rabbits are crying, their eyes aren’t so bright
as they huddle together in the Still of the Night
the wind is still blowing as Puff slinks away
I watch the world pass On the Dock of the Bay
while the Working Class Hero has nothing to say…