Crepidam was created by me as a means of getting my thoughts down. Oftentimes thoughts come to mind that make me question the status quo of the modern world. My thoughts are not always logical or even clinical. They can be a collection of thoughts gathered over time or based on emotion.

Some topics I cover will be full of emotion (and rightly so). It can be difficult to take emotion out of moral questions and ethical considerations. To a large degree I am guided by my faith but I have a vast repository of lived experience that has shaped me and this should not be discounted.

How I view things now compared with how I viewed things back then has changed and I would expect it would do so. We all grow a little wiser with age.

I do not expect everyone to agree with what I write. What I do expect is if people disagree with me then they do so in a respectful manner and tone.

I am not trying to create enemies, I am trying to create honest debate. I hope that what I write will open up the way people think (me in particular) and entice them into considering another perspective.